Glam Glow Mask and Moisturizer

So I tried the Glam Glow mask that is make up from Sephora. And if you have read my blog post “About Me” I am 11  years old. I tried the mask and I reacted to it after I left on the mask for only 5 minutes and (only used a thin layer. I was broke out all over my face cause my skin is sensitive. I did not try the moisturizer that came with it because I was concerned I would react to it like the mask. My cheeks were really red. As I  was a baby I had bad eczema and till today 11 years old I still have eczema.  Although my older sister, Alexis is a red head and with her hair and sensitive skin the Glam Glow products seem to work beautifully with her skincare regime. This is my review of the Glam Glow mask . I hope you enjoyed this review.

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About Me

Hi my name is Izzy. I  am 11 years old  and I am from Canada.  My blog is going to be all about reviewing makeup and  restaurants. I will also be posting slime videos and how to make that and lots of other things.  In my spare time I do basketball, Tae kwon do, Paddle Boarding and Track and Field. I  got inspired to do a blog because I want to share with the whole world what I am all about.  I have a sister that go’s to the University of Hawaii and  sometimes in my blogs I might mention her. And if you have any other friends or family members please share my website to them if you find my website interesting.

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