Today I am going to be blogging about  basketball. I started basketball when I was four years old. The way that I got interested was watching my big sister Alexis train with Mihai Raducanu. When I was young I started playing basketball with Mihai and I loved it. When I started basketball I met a friend her name is Sarah. We were both young and we trained together till this day. We both moved up levels together as we got better. And now I play travel basketball. And around two years ago I played on the U10 pink panthers team and we won the Ontario Cup division #1.  It was amazing!  I have been playing travel basketball  now for about four years.  I love basketball and I train about 5 days a week. And what I say is that the more practice you get the better you will become. Below I am going to be showing you a video of one  of my favorite trainers ever, Mihai Raducanu. This is my blog for today.


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