Today I’m going to be reviewing about the Charcoal Cleanser by Milk. If you do not know what that is it is makeup. It is a cleanser for your face that pulls all the dirt and all the bacteria that is in your face. I use it and I love it. When I put it on it reacts gentle not harsh. And when you wash it off your face it leaves my skin smooth and soft. And I am 11 years old and it works great and from other people such as adults use it a lot and they love it. And that I have very sensitive skin and it reacted beautify. If you read my post about GlamGlow that was harsher on my skin rather than using the Milk brand it is gentle but still gets the work done. And I personally have lots of the Milk brand and I find this amazing to work with.  If you liked the blog I did today than please leave a comment below and check out my other blog posts.  This is my review of the Milk Charcoal Cleanser. If you like this keep checking for brand new blogs. Hope you guys enjoyed this review.  This is the website below of the Charcoal Cleanser that I reviewed about.  If you are interested in this product if you would like to purchase it check out this link below. It cost $28 dollars to buy.


Milk Charcoal Cleasner

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